Hello, I Am Charlotte Terrell

Clinical Therapist | Trainer | Life Coach

Email: charlotteeterrell@gmail.com


Charlotte Terrell has worked as a Clinical Therapist, Trainer, and Life Coach for a number of years. She has evoked change and positively impacted the lives of hundreds with her authentic, insightful wisdom, and witty approach to life and its circumstances. Charlotte is a dynamic communicator whose mission is to promote effective communication, coping methodology, and self confidence in all people.


● Leadership Development

● Work/Life Balance

● Inclusion & Diversity

● Calm in the Midst of Calamity

● Effective Communication to Improve Professional and Personal Relationships

Many professionals, entrepreneurs, and educators are all too familiar with the pressures of life. With the expectations of maintaining control, meeting deadlines, satisfying stakeholders, and making viable decisions that impact the lives of others, and themselves, the weight is heavy! Prior to COVID19 there was burn out, despair, exhaustion, confusion, and powerlessness; these feelings are even more intense now.

Incensed by the crisis that negatively impacts workplaces, systems, educational institutions, and businesses, Charlotte set out worldwide to discover why people are stuck, hurting, and unmotivated. Her mission is to support entrepreneurs, professionals, and educators by helping them to rediscover their power, peace, and happiness.

Charlotte Terrell created IMAGES Motivational Consultant Agency to help people to remove the layers, explore what is not working well, and fix it. It’s okay to not be okay but, what can be done about it? Charlotte provides professional and personal development.

Many struggle in the areas of coping, communication, and confidence. Charlotte has been able to determine how the (3) aforementioned C’s negatively impact people keeping them from being their best selves, for themselves, and others. Charlotte’s life’s passion is to empower entrepreneurs, educators, and professionals. As an educator, speaker, trainer, author, and consultant, Charlotte uses humor, insight, and her expertise about human behavioral and mental wellness to evoke positive changes in the lives of people.


" My life is better because of my work with Charlotte Terrell', I feel like I have some tools to move forward and heal...I've never had this before! Thanks Charlotte"!
~TS, Gulfport, MS
"I have found that when I need non-judgmental, real, honest help, I call Charlotte. I trust her and I know her heartfelt assistance always challenges me, and catapults me to the next level".
~Angela B., New York, New York